How We Work

In our culture it is considered taboo to talk openly about toilet habits or sex. Through our extensive experience, we know that for most people difficulties in the pelvic region cause anxiety.

We listen, ask questions, explain and discuss the treatment plan with you. We will schedule almost one hour for the first appointment, because it generally concerns complex problems. More often than not, it is not just a single problem but a combination of complaints.

We hope that you start to understand your symptoms and are motivated to tackle your problem together with us. to feel good when leaving after the first hour. We value your trust in how we work and how we treat you.

The first appointment for pelvic floor physiotherapy / sexology takes one hour. What can you expect?
  • A short administrative questionnaire, but ample time for your story
  • A thorough explanation of your complaints in relation to the pelvic floor
  • A discussion of therapeutic options and treatment plan
  • The first appointment may include a physical exam.

By the end of the first consultation we will have explained the connection between your complaints and the condition of your pelvic floor. But we also make the connection with posture and the way you move as well as with past events (for example surgical operations, childbirth, trauma, sports).

Our goal is to respond clearly to your request for help, and then propose a specific treatment plan.

We employ best practices; we are governed by standards of practice, protocols and scientific evidence. This knowledge together with our long practical experience constitute the basis of our treatment paradigm / professional perspective. Every person is different, each person’s circumstances differ, so every treatment will be a custom-made plan.

It might be that we are not the right therapists for your problem. If this is the case, we won’t keep you hanging on but will take the lead in finding appropriate therapy.

After the first appointment  we will schedule a follow up appointment if needed.

The decision for treatment being made, we typically see clients an average of four to seven times. Exceptions will be discussed beforehand. All depends on the diagnosis.

Follow up appointments are twenty-five minutes long. Treatment options, when applicable, will be discussed with you beforehand. This ranges from exercise therapy to talking, and may include electro-stimulation, biofeedback, and abdominal massage.

In the case of sexology the approach may consist of conversations with you, or with you and your partner. We listen, we explain, we give advice and may assign home exercises. In general it is no long-term treatment: after the problem is clear you and possibly your partner will get advice and homework.
The average treatment is three conversations of an hour.

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