Consultation with sexologist  60  min € 120,00
Screening, intake and exam for pelvic floor physiotherapy 50/60min € 120,00
Session pelvic floor physiotherapist  30  min €  60,00
Surcharge for home treatment €  30,00
Consultation by telephone 15 min €  30,00
No-show at a one hour appointment  (< 24 uur) € 100,00
No-show at a half hour appointment €  50,00
Simple and concise report €  50,00
Complex time-consuming report €  75,00
Report to third party €  75,00

The treatment for urinary loss is covered by Dutch basic insurance ,which will be then accounted to your deductibles. This includes a single series of nine treatments.
A hard-copy referral by a medical doctor is then required.

We are not connected to any insurance company specifically. You pay debit or cash (no creditcards) and you will receive an invoice by mail, which you will be able to submit to your health insurance, if applicable.