Ellen Hawinkels en Mieke Raadgers

“Do you have difficulty peeing, pooping or with sexual activities? We can help you talk about it, then with you we will set out to find a solution”

About Us

BEA is a specialized practice for pelvic floor physiotherapy in Amsterdam.

We are Ellen Hawinkels and Mieke Raadgers ; both pelvic floor therapists with an extensive expertise and experience. In addition, Ellen has moved on to specialize in sexology.

Difficulties with the pelvic floor can be varied in nature. Most people find it hard to talk about this. That’s why many people continue experiencing difficulties, while solutions may be simpler than they think.

Our goal is, within one or two sessions, to get a clear view of your problem and to find out what role your pelvic floor plays in your symptoms. We will provide you with insight, and then draw up a treatment plan.

If our expertise is suited for your problem we can treat you ourselves; or we can refer you within our network.

We don’t work within a restrictive contract. Which means that we do not make contracts with health care insurance companies. You pay out-of-pocket by debitcard and, if applicable, you can submit the invoice to your health care insurance company. We prefer to spend our time with you, our patient. It is our experience that the administrative burden related to contracts does not contribute to the quality of our work.

For more information on working contract-free, please click here .

You can see us with or without referral.

We will refer children with difficulties urinating or defecating to the children’s pelvic floor physiotherapist without delay.

About ourselves

Ellen Hawinkels opened a practice for physiotherapy in Waalre together with her partner / colleague. Soon she was invited to teach maternity gym classes, which is where her career in pelvic floor physiotherapy began. Together with enthusiastic colleagues, she created the NVFB (the Dutch professional organization for pelvic floor physiotherapists). At the Academy for Physiotherapy, she trained students in pelvic floor physiotherapy. She presented many talks for several target groups. In 1998/99 she trained as sexologist at the Erastus University of Rotterdam.

In 1998, Ellen created ‘Waalre Basaal’ which was the first center for pelvic floor physiotherapy and sexology in the Netherlands. in September 2017, she moved to Amsterdam.

Mieke Raadgers started working in the field that is now called pelvic floor physiotherapy in 1998. In addition, she studied kinesiology at the Independent University (VU) of Amsterdam and there, received her postdoc in teaching. As course leader and head teacher at the Academy for Physiotherapy, in collaboration with other disciplines, she taught classes in pelvic floor physiotherapy for many years. She still enjoys presenting talks on the subject. Until May, 2017 she was an enthusiast partner in ‘Fysio Westerpark’, Amsterdam.

Ellen and Mieke met each other in January, 2018 ; both very experienced and enthusiastic pelvic floor physiotherapists with a passion for this great profession; and both with an aversion to the administrative red-tape inflicted by healthcare insurance companies. With these shared interests they created BEA ; a specialized practice for pelvic floor physiotherapy and sexology.

If you think we would be able to offer help with your difficulty, please read on about ‘How we work’.